Mentors, patrons, godmothers, aunts: Schoko-Tanten

Together we can keep the Schokofabrik going!


The financial situation of the State of Berlin has blown an icy wind on the future of social projects in the city. In order to keep the Schokofabrik going long-term we are looking for supporters.


For each of the 1200 m2 (13,000 sq.ft.) of space we are seeking a symbolic patron, a godmother, a Schoko-Tante, who is willing to support the Schokofabrik with a monthly contribution of at least € 2.50 (the cost of a café au lait)! This will secure the future of the Schokofabrik and facilitate necessary investments.


The Schoko-Tanten financially support costs for rent, renovations, and repairs of space used by groups and organizations in the women’s center. This cooperation can help secure the future existence and even expansion of the Schokofabrik!


Click here for an authorization form to set up a direct debit procedure for your donation to the Schoko. Print the form, fill it out, and send it in!


Schoko-Tante direct debit authorization form


Please help keep our administrative costs to a minimum by using the direct debit authorization procedure.


By becoming a sponsor/patron (Schoko-Tante), you will receive:

          A mosaic tile: a symbolic acknowledgement of the square meter of the Schokofabrik that your donation supports

Furniture workshop:

          In the Schokowerkstatt, all Schoko-Tanten receive a 5% discount on a piece of massive wood furniture.


          The Hamam Turkish Bathhouse pampers our Schoko-Tanten in a relaxing atmosphere with tea.


          All Schoko-Tanten can take advantage of a free trial session on our sports and dance floors at no charge.


          Schoko-Tanten can take a free tour of the project.

Educational program:

          Give us your email address and we’ll put you on the email list to receive the current educational program twice a year, whenever a new program starts.


Anyone who refers five new Schoko-Tanten to us will receive a gift certificate for a visit to the Hamam from the Schokofabrik.