Drop-in meeting place for women and girls from Turkey and other countries (“Treffpunkt”)



                                  What we offer:


German courses                                                             Open learning group

        Cultural and recreational activities                Social consultation            

                                      Support and advocacy 



                                How it all began …



The Education and Consultation Drop-in Meeting Place for women and girls from Turkey was part of the Schokofabrik in Kreuzberg from the very beginning. The center was created in the 1980s as a project of the feminist women’s movement, with the goal of promoting and empowering women.

            A German and literacy course for women from Turkey was started even before the space was ready for the project to move in. A short time later, a lot of Turkish girls and young women starting dropping in to the center in the afternoons. There has been great interest in education and exciting cultural projects ever since. To today we still offer morning classes in intensive German for women. In the afternoons, in addition to general support for school and training programs, we offer extra help instruction in the main subjects of middle and high school (first come, first served, due to limited availability).

            Since 1982 the drop-in meeting place has been a space to chat, drink tea, hang out, study, share ideas, and much more. We also offer joint activities such as trips to theater and the cinema, or parties and celebrations.