Consultation and support

The drop-in meeting place offers at least one morning and one afternoon consultation session each week. Outside of these times, there is a separate telephone with an answering machine to arrange individual appointments. In addition to these consultation periods, the meeting place also offers house calls and advocacy services to accompany women to authorities and other institutions. The consultation and advocacy services aim to support women and girls with migration backgrounds to take advantage of their individual rights and to cope with social and psychological problems.


The consultation we offer is free of charge and available in German and/or Turkish.


The drop-in meeting place offers social consultations, advocacy, and support for women and girls with a migration background.


We’ll try to help if you have problems and difficulties coping with:

·        everyday life

·        the job center, employment office, or immigration department

·        your relationship or marriage

·        parents, teachers, or your circle of friends

·        getting older

·        child rearing issues

·        school and/or learning issues


Or if you have questions about:

·        housing

·        money

·        illness, psychological problems, or sexuality

·        education, training, career, and applications

·        making up school completion and equivalency certificates