Open study group



                      Math, German, Biology —

                                                            your nightmare?



No matter what kind of school you go to—college-track or vocational, day or evening school, and no matter whether you are in career training or preparing for it:



If you are having trouble studying or doing homework at home because there is no place that is quiet to help you concentrate, or if you don’t have the reference books, textbooks, or a computer with internet, then come to the drop-in meeting place!


We also offer intensive one-on-one extra help in all the main subjects of middle and high school (first come, first served, due to limited availability). We can also help you prepare for high school equivalency exams, support you before and during vocational training, and in writing applications. 


Unfortunately there are limited time-slots available for one-on-one instruction, so it is necessary for anyone interested to contact us in advance. 


You can also come visit to chat, drink tea, hang out, and meet other girls and young women. We do a lot of fun things together, like go to the movies or theater, or other cultural events. Or we cook together or have parties and celebrations.